The guidelines of our social enterprise project

The notion of this social enterprise project is to help both of the elderly persons and the SMEs, the business start-ups and the non-profit making organizations that need assistance simultaneously in order to achieve a win-win solution. Due to the limited resources, we only managed to select a group of elderly persons at the first stage to provide services for the enterprises in need of the services so that the services provided by the elderly persons could enhance the technology and skills of the enterprises.

Moreover, the retired professionals, executives and skillful talents are deemed as the middle class. In fact, the community is in lack of support for the middle class. We think that “Help the Poor” is to assist the low income skillful talents elderly persons whereas this social enterprise project is to assist the middle class elderly persons which is “Prevent the Poverty”. Both of them are important. The community should take precaution and provide supports for all sectors.
The traditional employment agency is for profit-making and the profit will be shared amongst its shareholders. Nevertheless, we are a non-profit making organization and will input all the profits into the value-added services to achieve the win-win solution for the elderly persons and the enterprises. Also, some of the value-added services (e.g. the human resources consultation services provided for the Service Recipients) will be provided by our volunteers.

Queries from the Service Providers

We deeply believed that a person’s social status is not only reflected in the return of money. It really depends on his contribution and degree of care of the community. The “ARE Wisdom” is a platform which enables the elderly persons to continue making use of his expertise to make contributions for the community in order to achieve the “Self-reliance and Passing Down Experience”.
Our local SMEs, business start-ups are facing the competition persecute step by step from the neighbouring countries and regions. The rental fee of Hong Kong continued soaring very high. It also consists of a lot of unfavourable trading factors in which the SMEs or business start-ups experienced the serious shortage of capital and human resources, and therefore, they could not develop and even face the closure of business.

Although they are businessmen, they are often tougher than we expected. In fact, SMEs are the key economic components of Hong Kong and some of our friends and relatives have already joined the SMEs. The business start-ups are the fresh blood of our community. We help the SMEs and the business start-ups so that Hong Kong can help the once proud SMEs to reproduce the brilliant light in the international community as well as developing the local economy.
Although “ARE Wisdom” may not enable the elderly persons to earn sufficient remuneration for supporting their daily living expenses, our objectives are to help the elderly persons to retire gradually, self-reliance, passing down experience and the seniority integration. These are for the community and the elderly persons to gain actual benefits.

Queries from the Service Recipients

a) All the registered elderly persons in relation to “ARE Wisdom” should provide their qualifications and experience. We will also ask them for providing the proof accordingly. With the consent of the elderly persons, we may provide the relevant information to the Service Recipient for reference.

b) Our work matching procedure will be made through the double selection via the computer and manual systems in order to finding out the suitable Service Provider for the Service Recipient.

c) We shall arrange for the interview for the Service Providers so that both parties will understand clearly about the scope of work and the requests of the Service Recipient.
a) This question actually involves the issue of human resources. Many SMEs and business start-ups have such a misunderstanding: hoping all employees could bring motivation and creativity for the enterprises. In reality, different staff will discharge different roles in the enterprise. Imagine, all employees are motivated, creative, want to be a leader, then who are followers or executors?

b) Moreover, the original objective of this project is to strengthen the human resources for the SMEs and business start-ups and not to replace the management and core staff of the enterprise (they are responsible for the motivation and creativity of the enterprise). The role of the elderly persons is of the supplemental nature which is a steady work force. The elderly persons will not replace them, and more importantly, they will assist the management and core staff to enhance the experience and technology.
a) Generally, the elderly persons are punctual and more stable at work.

b) If the Service Recipient engages the elderly person as the self-employed person, it will ensure that the Service Recipient will only pay when the services are provided. Contrary to the staff employment, it needs to pay for the salary of the employee whether or not the employee is competent or provide the services as required.

c) If it is the “Targeted Service Recipient”, we will persuade the Service Provider to provide the services at a discount of the market price.
a) To ensure our rights, the rights of the Service Recipient and the responsibilities of both parties prior to the services, we insist to have the signing of the Engagement Contract by the Service Recipient first and then followed by the referral.

b) An alternative method is that the Service Recipient may sign an Engagement Contract with us first and then set out the expiration (e.g. 6 months). When the Service Recipient requires for the service, it will need to submit the “Job Description Form” to us for setting out the scope of work and the qualifications and experience of the elderly person. We will not charge for any fees prior to the signing of the “Service Contract” between the Service Provider and the Service Recipient.

Work Matching

For work matching, we will follow the principle of “Meritocracy” as well as follow the instructions of the Service Recipient to conduct selection in priority (e.g. the experience is in priority rather than the flexible working hours). In order to fulfill the requests of the Service Recipient, the selection procedures for the suitable candidates will be made through the double selection via the computer and manual systems.
We will recommend the Service Recipient to adopt one or more of the following measures:
a) To break down the scope of work to facilitate one or more Service Providers to provide the services.
b) Amend the “Job Description Form” and to conduct the selection and interview.
c) Instruct us to select more candidates for the new interviews; or
d) The Service Recipient applies for our “Think Tank Advisers Consultation” to adjust its strategy of human resources.
No. Under the legislations, we could not provide any legal services. Nevertheless, we could coordinate both parties in the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the contract or to verify any ambiguities of the terms and conditions of the contract in the angles of a third party. Upon the request of the Service Provider and the Service Recipient, we will provide the template of the contract for the reference of both parties on the precondition that we disclaim any legal liabilities. Both of the parties should seek independent professional advice, if in need.

Post-Contract Follow-up Services

a) This will enable us for being officially authorized for collecting the information in relation to the cooperation relationship of both of the parties. Also, it will enable us for coordinating the cooperation relationship of both of the parties efficiently.
b) Even if we are a party of the signing of the contract, we will not intend (also have no power) to interfere the internal operation of the Service Recipient or the manner of the services provided by the Service Provider. We will keep all the collected information in confidential.
c) In case of special condition, the Service Provider and the Service Recipient consider us as not appropriate for one of the contracting parties, we are exempted from the provisions of becoming the contracting party. Then, we will not provide the follow-up services after the signing of the contract including the assistance rendered for dispute resolution for both of the parties.
a) The follow-up services after signing of the contract will not include the monitoring of the act of the opposite party or the performance of the contract. We will assist the Service Provider and the Service Recipient to build up or enhance the cooperation relationship.
b) If one of the parties considers the act of the opposite party is unreasonable or even in breach of the contract, we will suggest them for making use of our dispute resolution mechanism to resolve the dispute. We will not (also have no power) instruct any parties to rectify any matters in breach of the contract or to compensate in relation to the breach of the contract.
c) Certainly, we will not guarantee for any of the parties. We will not compensate on behalf of any of the parties.