Post-Contract Follow Up Services

Services at a glance

Unlike ordinary job intermediaries, after we have procured a contract be signed between a Service Provider and a Service Recipient, our services do not come to an end. Instead, we consider that time after contract is the best time to proactively promote our belief -- “the elderly continuously working, helping others and themselves, and integration of the elderly and younger generations”.

Our post-contract follow up services include:

Periodic Review

  • We will periodically require the Service Provider and the Service Recipient to complete a questionnaire to enable them to review their work relationship.

  • If required, we will also visit the parties to better understand their cooperative relationship and the room for improvement.

Coordinate, Build and Improve Cooperation Relationship Between the Parties

  • Having understood the actual situation, we will impartially work out a suggested plan that helps establishing and improving the cooperative relationship between the parties.

  • We believe “the spectators see the chess game better than the players”. If a problem is identified at an early stage and handle appropriate, even though the elderly and younger generations have differences in their thinking and habits, they could still cooperate easily and work along harmoniously, leading to real communication and passing down of experience.

Dispute Resolution

  • Our Dispute Resolution Committee is responsible for resolving the disputes between the Service Providers and the Service Recipients.

  • Dispute Resolution Committee is composed of our staff members and Think Tank Advisers with ample experience in mediation, litigation or human resources management. Each dispute case will be handled by two to four members of the Dispute Resolution Committee.

  • The Committee will invite the disputing parties to attend conciliation session and work out a resolution plan; all such services are free of charge.

  • If the conciliation is not successful or either party declines to attend the conciliation session, upon the parties’ request, we may arrange qualified mediators to provide mediation services free of charge or at a discounted rate.

  • We will also provide general information on litigation.

Final Evaluation

  • Upon completion of our services, we will request the Service Providers and the Service Recipients to complete a questionnaire in order to evaluation the parties’ performance during the cooperation period and the areas that may be improved.

  • We hope that both parties may continuously understand and improve themselves through their mutual cooperation and the final evaluation.