Services to Service Recipient


We welcome any business entities, entrepreneurs-to-be and persons who may require the services of the Service Providers to apply and register as a “Service Recipient”.

The eligibility is as follows:

- Person who is:

  • (1) a company;

  • (2) a body corporate or an unincorporated body;

  • (3) a partnership; or

  • (4) an individual attaining the age of 18

- Undertake to abide by the “Rules for Service Recipients” (for details, please press here )

- Complete and return the “Service Recipient Registration Form” to us (for details, please press here )

Eligibility of "Target Service Recipient"

One of the objectives of ARE Wisdom is to incubate qualified small and medium enterprises (SMEs), business start-ups, non-profit making organisations and social enterprises which are in need of help with the aid of the experience and power of the elderly.

As such, when we perform work matching, we will inform the elderly (Service Providers) whether the Service Recipient seeking service is a “Target Service Recipient” and will encourage the elderly to provide services to a Target Service Recipient at a discounted price.

We will review the eligibility of “Target Service Recipient” from time to time. Currently, we consider the following persons are Target Service Recipients:

1. SME

“SME” means a local small and medium enterprise which, making reference to the eligibility of an enterprise participating in the Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance Programme under the Government of Hong Kong:

(1) is a company incorporated in Hong Kong;
(2) has less than 100 employees in Hong Kong;
(3) is not a large company; and
(4) is not a subsidiary of or significantly (30% or more) owned/controlled by a large company,

where “large company” generally means a company that meets any of the following criteria:

(a) a publicly listed company;
(b) a positive cash flow generated from operating activities in the ordinary and usual course of business of at least HK$20 million (or other currency in equivalent) in aggregate for the two most recent financial years; or
(c) has a market cap (or company asset) of at least HK$100 million (or other currency in equivalent).

2. Business start-up

“Business start-up” means a sole proprietor (regardless of his/her nationality or place of residence), a company incorporated in Hong Kong or a partnership established in Hong Kong which has commenced business in Hong Kong for less than 2 years (based on the date of the Business Registration Certificate of Hong Kong), or any person (including without limitation a foreign entity or national) undertakes to commence business in Hong Kong within 1 year from registering as a Service Recipient under this social enterprise programme.

3. Non-profit making organisation

“Non-profit making organisation” shall be a non-profit making organisation that the Association may recognize at its absolute discretion, including without limitation:

(1) an entity which is tax exempted under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of the Laws of Hong Kong; and
(2) an entity whose constitutional documents prohibit any distribution of profits or assets to its members or directors.

4. Social enterprises

“Social enterprises” shall be interpreted taking reference to the following definition of social enterprise given by the Government of Hong Kong and/or to the Social Enterprise Directory published by HKCSS-HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre from time to time:

“a social enterprise is a business to achieve specific social objectives such as providing the services (such as support service for the elderly) or products needed by the community, creating employment and training opportunities for the socially disadvantaged, protecting the environment, funding its other social services through the profits earned, etc. Its profits will be principally reinvested in the business for the social objectives that it pursues, rather than distribution to its shareholders.”

Service at a glance

We encourage and support Service Recipients to engage the elderly, and at the same time ARE Wisdom provides the Service Recipients with one-stop services. The services include:

Business/ Human Resources Training
  • Given that one of the objectives of ARE Wisdom is to pass down experience, we will organize seminars, workshops, sharing sessions and study tours from time to time with a view to enabling the elderly (Service Providers) and our Think Tank Advisers to provide business/ human resources training to the Service Recipients in order to strengthen the Service Recipients’ business knowledge and competitiveness.

  • At this stage, most of our trainings are free-of-charge, except study tours etc.

Business/ Human Resources Advisory
(“Think Tank Sessions”)
  • Enabling the Service Recipients to have a better understanding of their own business and human resources required, for example, the types and number of staff, and whether an elderly person can be engaged as a self-employed person to perform a particular work, we provide free-of-charge advisory service to the Service Recipients.

  • The advisory service will be provided in the form of interviews. Service Recipient shall make an appointment at least two weeks in advance by completing and returning to us the Think Tank Session Application Form (please press here ).

  • Normally, we do not accept repeated application for advisory services in two months’ time, and we reserve absolute discretion to decline any application.

  • In each Think Tank Session, at least two advisers who may consist of our Think Thank Advisers and staff members may provide the advisory service. Service Recipient is not entitled to select a particular Think Tank Adviser or staff member.

Provision of Useful Information
  • Provision of useful information and tips that Service Recipients should know in engaging the elderly (Service Providers) through our business/ human resources training and advisory services and our published materials.

  • Provision of information relating to the Employment Ordinance, the rights and obligations about self-employed persons, occupational safety, labour insurance and mandatory provident fund arrangement etc.

  • If required, the Association may refer insurance services

Work Matching
  • We perform work matching based on the principle of “engage depending on talent”

  • Encourage the Service Recipient to have an open and innovative attitude in making a success to use the elderly’s services

  • For details of the work matching, please press here

Post-Contract Follow Up Services
  • For ordinary job intermediaries, once they have procured a contract, they will not follow up the case, meaning that the contracting parties will have to handle their own cooperative relationship. When their relationship turns sour, they could be quite helpless and without any choice.

  • Unless ordinary job intermediaries, once we have procured a contract, we keep concern about the work relationship between the elderly and the Service Recipients.

  • Therefore, we provide post-contract follow up services in order to coordinate the relationship between the elderly and the Service Recipients, and we also proactively ensure the services that the elderly provide meet the requirements set out in the contract with the Service Recipient.

  • For details of the post-contract follow up services, please press here

Points to note for engaging a service provider

1. We encourage Service Recipients engaging the elderly’s (Service Providers) services, at the same time we pay close attention to the differences in physical strength and health between the elderly and the younger workers and think over the condition of the elderly when designing the scope of engagement, for example, the elderly should be given sufficient time to accomplish a task.

2. During the time a Service Provider works or provides services, if the Service Recipient becomes aware that the Service Provider cannot cope with the work physically or psychologically, please inform us so that we may deal with the situation appropriately.

3. Corresponding to the new trend of human resources management nowadays, we encourage the elderly to accept engagement in the form of self-employed person (as opposed to employee), but in the first place the relevant scope and arrangement of work may be accepted a self-employed person in accordance with the law, and the elderly should clearly understand the differences between a self-employed person and an employee in the context of legal rights and obligations.

4. When a Service Recipient engages the elderly in the form of self-employed persons, it may reduce the number of employees and accordingly save its expenses, such as mandatory provident fund contribution, on maintaining an employment relationship, however, we definitely do not support the Services Recipient to engage the elderly in the form of “Fake Self-Employed”, nor will us provide any work matching or other services which may involve “Fake Self-Employed”.

5. Although we provide advisory services to the Service Recipients to assist them in telling whether a specific scope and arrangement of work may engage self-employed persons in accordance with the law, our advices (including those of our Think Tank Advisers) do not constitute any legal advice and we (including our staff members and volunteers) will not in any event bear any legal liability; Service Recipients are advisable to seek independent professional advice.

6. A major objective of ARE Wisdom is to draw support from the experience and power of the elderly for the benefit of the qualified small and medium enterprises, business start-ups and non-profit making organisations. Therefore, during the course of work matching, we will inform the elderly whether the relevant Service Recipient is a “Target Service Recipient”, calling on the elderly to understand that the “Target Service Recipients” are with limited financial resources and to offer their services to the “Target Service Recipients” at a discounted rate or with other privileges.

7. If a Service Recipient is no longer a “Target Service Recipient”, please promptly inform us to update our records.

8. We do not encourage any person to take advantage of the vulnerability of the elderly by oppressing them to take up obnoxious or dangerous jobs or jobs which require strenuous manual labour. We consider this is inhumane and therefore ARE Wisdom will not provide work matching services for those types of jobs.

9. We are not intermediary that provides low-skilled cheap labour to the Service Recipients. Our belief is to draw support from the experience and power of the elderly in order to enhance the skills and techniques in the relevant profession, technology and management of the small and medium enterprises, business start-ups and non-profit making organisations, so that mechanization may replace the low-skilled types of work and the elderly or the underprivileged may be trained to operate the machines, leading to genuine advancement to the industries of the society.

Basic Standard Charges

Registration Fee
(register as Service Recipient):
Commission for Work Matching: For “Standard Charges for Commission”, please press here
Under special circumstances (e.g. engaging a number of Service Providers for the same scope of work at the same time), commission rate is negotiable
Charges for Post-Contract Follow Up Services: Free
Charges for Other Services:

For example:

  • Placing recruitment advertisement in newspapers or other media

  • Additional investigation/ verification of a specific Service Provider’s background and experience

Fees will be charged on a case by case basis and prior agreed with the Service Recipient

All charges will be expressly specified in the “Engagement Contract” to be entered into between the Association and the Service Recipient, and the charges therein specified shall prevail.

Register as service recipient

  • A company;

  • A body corporate or an unincorporated body;

  • A partnership; or

  • An individual attaining the age of 18

Registration Fee: Free
Commission for Work Matching: As specified in the Engagement Contract between the Association and the Service Recipient
Rules for Service Recipient: Please press here
Privacy Policy Please press here
Registration Form: Please press here
Registration Procedures: Please return a completed registration form to us by email, fax or post for handling. You may also take a photo of your completed registration form and send it to us by Whatsapp at [Tel : 92278010]
In order to save the processing time and our administrative work, we encourage you to register online.
We will inform you by email or phone call to confirm whether your registration is approved. If you do not hear from us in two weeks’ time, please contact us.
Change of Registration Details: Please inform us by email, fax or post

Service Advantages

1. Enhance the labor cost efficiency by engaging retired persons as part time staff or freelancers to assist company operation

2. Reduce the recruitment costs and shorten the time of interviews and recruitment

3. Retirees to pass down their professional skills and experience to strengthen the competitiveness of service recipients

4. Provide post-contract follow up services to ensure cooperation relationship between the service recipient and retirees

5. Develop positive corporate image as well as provide chances for retirees to adapt to fruitful retired life

6. Offer free-of-charge business/human resources advisory provided by professionals or experienced executives in related industries