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We maintain a membership scheme to enable our registered ARE Members to join our activities free-of-charge or at a discounted rate, and to enjoy a variety of privileges.

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Member Activities

This Association will from time to time organise a wide range of activities, enabling the retired elderly to actually experience the fun of active ageing.

Types of Activities

Seminar Elderly life information and retirement planning
Interest Class Elderly life encyclopedia, singing, dancing, sports, arts and culture
Visits & Outing Visits, hiking, picnics, local eco/deep tours, overseas study tour
Gathering Sharing gatherings, cooking/talent sharing, arts and culture exchange
Voluntary Work Group participation in voluntary work

Member Welfare


Priority Members have priority in participating our activities
Privileges Members can participate our activities free-of-charge or at a discount
Free Information Members can receive free-of-charge information on silver hair market/ social enterprise products and services
Group Buying We may arrange members to group buying; welcome members’ suggestions on products and services

Member Activities

Date of Release: 25 Jan 2015

Thank you for your support in making our seminar a great success!

Seminar on Life of Elderly in Hong Kong

Topic Share the U.S. Experience & Rethink about Retirement Planning and Silver Hair Market in Hong Kong
Date 10 December 2014 (Wed)

Mr. Raymond Yim (Founding Chairman of HK Social Enterprise Incubation Centre Ltd.)

Ms. Jessica Tam (Senior Manager of HKCSS-HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre)


Dr. Teresa Chu (Founder of Association of Retired Elderly Limited)

Ms. Ivy Chan (Chief Supervisor of Active Ageing Service of Hong Kong Christian Service)

Ms. Irene Au Yeung (Managing Director of ParagonVisio Wealth Planning Limited)

Ms. Agnes Leung (Counseling Officer of Hong Kong Employment Development Service)

Mr. Timothy Ma, JP (Executive Director of Project Flame of City University of Hong Kong)

Ms. Irene Leung (Chief Executive Officer of Senior Citizen Home Safety Association)

Ms. Athena Wong (Agency Director of Advocates for Children and the Aged Limited)

Major areas covered

Experience sharing – U.S. [email protected]+ Conference & Exhibition, an event with 10,000 elderly participants

U.S. elderly’s experience in managing wealth and U.S. silver hair market development

Retirement planning in Hong Kong and wealth management before and after retirement

Hong Kong elderly’s re-employment willingness and challenges

Development and challenges of silver hair market and related social enterprises in Hong Kong

Experience sharing – by silver hair market social enterprises in Hong Kong

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Permanent resident of Hong Kong attaining the age of 50

If the registrant is not a permanent resident of Hong Kong, the Association will consider the application at its absolute discretion

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