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Job Matching Services

Job Matching Services

We will assist You in 
Screening and Verifying
  Employers' or Employees' Qualifications

Services to the Employer (Service Recipient)

  • Paid Services ->  Assist you in preliminary screening and interviewing candidates
  • Free Services -> Free-of-charge circulation of job openings (without job matching services) through our internal members circulation for a period of 2 months
  • Think Tank Sessions (Business Consultation Services) -> Free startup and business operation consulation

We welcome any business entities, entrepreneurs-to-be and persons who may require the services of the Service Providers to apply and register as a “Service Recipient”.

The eligibility is as follows:

Person who is:
(1) a company;
(2) a body corporate or an unincorporated body;
(3) a partnership; or
(4) an individual attaining the age of 18

Undertake to abide by the “Rules for Service Recipients”, complete and return the “Service Recipient Registration Form” to us

One of the objectives of ARE Wisdom is to incubate qualified small and medium enterprises (SMEs), business start-ups, non-profit making organisations and social enterprises which are in need of help with the aid of the experience and power of the elderly.

As such, when we perform work matching, we will inform the elderly (Service Providers) whether the Service Recipient seeking service is a “Target Service Recipient” and will encourage the elderly to provide services to a Target Service Recipient at a discounted price.

We will review the eligibility of “Target Service Recipient” from time to time.

Business/ Human Resources Advisory (“Think Tank Sessions”)
Enabling the Service Recipients to have a better understanding of their own business and human resources required, for example, the types and number of staff, and whether an elderly person can be engaged as a self-employed person to perform a particular work, we provide free-of-charge advisory service to the Service Recipients.
Post-Contract Follow Up Services
We provide post-contract follow up services in order to coordinate the relationship between the elderly and the Service Recipients, and we also proactively ensure the services that the elderly provide meet the requirements set out in the contract with the Service Recipient.
Work Matching
We perform work matching based on the principle of “engage depending on talent”
Business/ Human Resources Training
Given that one of the objectives of ARE Wisdom is to pass down experience, we will organize seminars, workshops, sharing sessions and study tours from time to time with a view to enabling the elderly (Service Providers) and our Think Tank Advisers to provide business/ human resources training to the Service Recipients in order to strengthen the Service Recipients’ business knowledge and competitiveness.

Services to the Employee (Service Provider)

We welcome eligible persons to apply and join as a “Service Provider” to seek work opportunities through us and join our activities under this social enterprise project. The eligibility is as follows:

(a) Permanent resident of Hong Kong attaining the age of 50 (If the registrant is not a permanent resident of Hong Kong, the Association may consider the application on a special case basis at its absolute discretion)
(b) An existing registered ARE Member
(c) Undertake to abide by the “Rules for Service Providers” (Please refer to Download)
(d) Complete and return the “Service Provider Registration Form” to us

At the initial stage of this project, we will focus on inviting retired professionals, executives and skilful talents to join as Service Providers.

Our free-of-charge services to Service Providers in different stages

Stage 1:
Pre-work Couseling

Group counseling services to be provided by way of seminars, workshops and sharing sessions

Individual counseling services to be provided to those elderly with special needs (referral by our staff)

The counseling services enable the elderly to better understand their potentials, be willing to explore new experiences, and be prepared psychologically to adapt to work and providing services after retirement

We welcome the elderly accompanied by their family members in participating our group counseling, this enables the family members to better understand our services and let the elderly join this project at ease.

Stage 2:
Points to Note Before Work

Provision of useful information and tips about working again or providing voluntary services after retirement through our pre-work counseling or publications

Provision of information on the Employment Ordinance, the rights and obligations of a self-employed persons, occupation safety, employment compensation insurance, MPF etc.

If required, we may refer a Service Provider to insurance services companies

Stage 3:
Work Matching

We perform the work matching based on the principle of “count on talent”

We encourage the Service Providers inform us in advance their preferred working time, mode etc. so that we could identify appropriate work or service opportunities to their satisfaction

Stage 4:
Post-Contract Case Follow Up Services

Once an ordinary job agency has procured the signing of a contract, it will no longer follow up the case and the contracting parties are left to deal with their own cooperation relationship; when the relationship turns sour, the parties could be quite helpless and frustrated

Unlike ordinary job agencies, after procuring a contract be signed, we pay attention to whether the elderly adapt his new job and the cooperation relationship between the elderly and the Service Recipient

Therefore, we provide case follow up services in order to co-ordinate the relationship between the elderly and the Service Recipient and make efforts to protect the elderly’s legal rights, enabling them to have a pleasant work/service experience